The top ten music videos centered completely on the cars first up is okay go who for their 2012 song meeting getting got Chevrolet display sponsor and on a Masonic sedan and which to drive into hundreds of bells pianos electric guitars percussion instruments and more director Spike Jonze use Otis to pit hip-hop stars jay-z and Kanye West against a 2004 maybach 57 with a sawzall and a blowtorch the actual chopping was performed by pros who later sold the car as modern art.

Next we have stylo for this 2011 hit virtual band Gorillaz tap some real human star power getting a vengeful Bruce Willis in a 1960 El Camino to pursue the CGI animated troupe driving in 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Whitesnake’s 1987 chart-topper here saw actress Tawny Kitaen cartwheel and frolic on the hood of a pair of Jaguars one owned by singer David Coverdale and the other by the video’s director our fifth pick is Diane young the music video actually led to indie rockers Vampire Weekend taking some heat for torching a pair of vintage Saab 900s mostly because they didn’t tell the people they bought them from that they’d be used for a good old fashioned car fire as the song is called save that money and it’s all about saving money as opposed to spending it I’d be like if one of these maclaren’s for like 15 minutes the Lamborghini used in the satirical save debt money didn’t cost artist David little dicky-bird a dime in fact you see him in the video stopping by a luxury car dealer and convincing the manager to lend him the Aventador at number 7 it’s show me how to live the video features clips from the movie vanishing point mixed in with some original scenes of the band thrashing around in a copy of the film’s 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Next up is Steve mcqueen which features Sheryl Crow or her stunt double riding a motorcycle the Great Escape style evading Dale Earnhardt jr. In a Bullitt Mustang and driving a whole bunch of other great classics.

Number nine is gimme all your lovin but the red 1933 Ford coupe hot rod Eliminator was featured in a number of ZZ Top’s hit videos including sharp-dressed man and legs and finally mi a’s bad girls manages to entertain us with incredible car stunts in solid tune age while simultaneously promoting the women can drive movement in Saudi Arabia thanks for watching if you have any ideas for future roundups let us know in the comments.

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