Full name is stephane Legba , the product line take on the tie con is the first fully electric car from porsche and it’s therefore aiming to reach the porsche goals we didn’t focus too much on competition we focus basically on ourselves on our internal targets we needed to make sure that the tie con comes as close as possible to our icon the 911 when it comes for example to trying dynamics.

Well obviously the car is as you said a 4-door sit down and it’s not a two-door car and real sports car like the 911 the car comes very close to the 911 for example if you go for the steering the direct steering the dynamics the lateral dynamics of the whole car you do have to all the chassis systems that the 911 has for example like a rear axle steering so we basically wanted to make sure that the first fully electric Porsche that icon and there’s a real Porsche is a true Porsche in all by all means driving dynamics quality design and so on.

We have as you said a strong gasoline gasoline background but we as you know we’ve been working for like more than ten years on the electrification of the drivetrain so we have tallien plug-in hybrid we’ve got the Panamera plug-in hybrid we showed with the 918 Spyder or a super sports car what electrification in in that segment means so that icon is basically the next logical step in our product strategy coming from pure combustion cars going over plug-in hybrid cars coming to an all-electric car like the Python and talking about the biggest challenge it was what we call transferring the sole of our cars into the electric world making sure that the tie con is a true Porsche this was in terms of the overall concept the biggest thing in terms.

Driving dynamics we set them for example that our primary goal is that the car has to offer portion typical driving dynamics performance especially repeatable performance so the car can do this acceleration runs 0 to 100 0 to 2 200 many many times in a row on a stable level this was one key issue for us making sure that Porsche typical performance is available on and on and on on a constant level.

Would be we will definitely stick to our product strategy offering three different tellers we have pure combustion cars like gt2 gt3 RS which we are going to offer in the future as well we’ve got our plug-in hybrid cars which we are going to extend in the future as well and then we definitely are going to work on the eb cars as well so as you know there is going to be a under model another derivative of the trike on following only little bit later next year that.

This would be number one and after that and we already said and that the next generation of thermicon is going to be electric all electric only.

Well it’s not a really a different Porsche earlier we try to follow our product strategy electrifying the traffic train and just going the next step so things will change we will have more and more electrified cars in our portfolio but we will still stick with offering pure very emotional IC e cars with natural flat-six for example and a manual gearshift.

It would be great if the people would remember the Taikan being the first fully electric true portion that was our goal and that’s what we’re looking forward to.

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