Recently, the number of social media celebrities has been growing, much larger than our ability to follow, watch and monitor. “I have closed my door so that I don’t collide with them, open the window, enter ten of them, open the water tap, five of them will enter for you .” When you open your Facebook page, you may find that your friends have become

Youtubers, and before you know it, you need an appointment to meet or speak with them.

As a follower, it can be difficult to prevent yourself from following these celebrities, especially Youtubers, because you often benefit from them. This may be for information, entertainment or inspiration about writing an article as I am doing now. But we often, with continuous follow-up to

them, fall into a number of logical fallacies or errors in thinking, which prevent us from obtaining these benefits, even if they are simple. These errors are caused by both the Youtubers themselves, and those who appear continuously on social media.

Since this article is for followers and not the celebrities themselves, (as they do not have time to read my article) I will tell you about some logical fallacies that you may fall for. This will help you to avoid falling into the trap that many fall into.

1.Circulating experiences

This fallacy, we often fall into as followers of celebrities, whether on social media or TV and cinema. We assume that these celebrities, who for example, share their evaluation of mobile phones or technology as entrepreneurship opportunities, are professionals, and we often ask them professional questions outside the field of their channel. This can also happen with those who provide advice in social, family and marital

relations or perhaps see as a religious guide. Few celebrities are able to get rid of the cloak of fame, wear the clothing of humility and admit that they do not know in times where they do not have the answers.

2.Confusing the link with the reason

Neither marriage, nor divorce, nor other details of social life have anything to do with the success of any person unless this person’s social life is a source of great psychological pressure. This does not mean that separation or forming new relationships in any way will make this person more successful and famous. This is because success is related to the person themself and their ability to get rid of psychological burdens and create balance between all parts of their life. Here is the error of a large percentage of the celebrities themselves. If they are a professional guide, for example, an entrepreneur, or even a social consultant, this does not mean that they share all the details of their social lives on the social media in front of the followers. It is also not necessary for them to announce their affiliations or separation with others. Separations can be difficult for social media celebrities because even if it is best for them to separate, it often makes one of the parties look bad in the eyes of their followers.

3.The person who…..

This fallacy applies to my example of the previous successful person , who provides some information, and wins millions. This often happens to those who are uneducated and do not hold a university degree. This often affects those with the same degree by taking away from the value of their education. This happens both by the spread of false information and the idea that this particular degree is useless.


Supporting new celebrities, and taking away support from others is a common occurrence on social media. This happens often with both celebrities and their followers. Sometimes followers wrongly support celebrities when they follow them without any background information as to who they are or what they support.

5.Appealing to popularity ... power ... the new ... the old ... the origin ...

All of these attributes can make followers defend celebrities completely


Popularity: if someone has millions of followers on YouTube, popularity will defend them.

Authority: Someone who has some power over the masses, which may be mental or religious.

New: Those who use the latest studies and ideas, so they are right.

Old: Some people tell us about authentic heritage and traditions, so we believe they must know more than us.

Origin: This person uses words from scholars and books of religion, so their words are correct, or vice versa, so-and-so. It is a common belief that university studies cannot be wrong, although science itself changes constantly, and what we can learn today may be completely disproven tomorrow!



This is the opposite of what the generalists do, they pick apart

someone's words to make everything they say wrong or

incomprehensible. This is a common technique used to harm another person, especially on social media.

7.Siding support

This idea is represented by a common scenario:

‘I do not mean to attack so-and-so, but they do not agree with my opinions and ideas, so I support everything that is against them. I am judging without listening to both parties or considering any reasons.

8. Circular argument

This is the use of a conclusion reached from real data, which can lead followers to believe that the celebrity is right and everything they say is true because one of their beliefs have been correct.

Finally ..

The wars on social media have become an everyday matter, you wake up in the morning to find that a lifetime of people are attacking Zaid and his followers. Everyone who supports the party being attacked is following it without thinking while it falls. With all the errors mentioned in the article and perhaps more, what is the result? Nothing, the war ends and the trend turns off. Every Youtuber returns to his home with thousands of new followers and a lot of profit. With increased fame, also

came pride and arrogance. For you as a follower, what is the benefit to you from this war?

In such a case, the wise follower hears the sides of both parties, and then builds his judgment based on what he has hear., This may not be a

valid judgment, but it is based on the beliefs of the followers, without blind bias. I respect the celebrity who is attacked and receives increasing hate and still does not respond. This is because the response will generate another response, and an attempt at justification shows that they have a need to defend themselves. Even if this is not the case, I believe the wisdom of silence is precious.

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