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Today we're gonna look at the top reasons why you should learn how to play piano it could have been like the top a million reasons why you should learn piano but i figured a book might be a little over the top so I paired it down to the top reasons and before we get started I just want to let you know that pianos best instrument even though all this information could apply to pretty much learning any other musical instrument not biased all just same cow knows best all right here we go reason
number one gray matter apparently adult musicians have more of it than adult non musicians so I don't really know what gray matter is but it has something to do with brain and I assume that when there's more of something in the brain it's probably a good thing we'll take that as a win
number two white matter apparently you guessed it musicians have more white matter in the brains than non musicians so this is basically like saying musicians have brains that are flexible adaptable and able to form connections easier musicians learn better and quicker so the longer you've been playing the better you'll be at assimilating new information and learning new skills so this is all basically to avoid becoming that cranky old lady down the street who's like yelling at all the kids all the time Oh crud where did I leave my keys oh yeah they're in my hand people who play musical instruments tend to have a larger and more active memory situation in their brains if people often say to you oh you never understand or that you have the you know emotional sensitivity of rock music and health you can finally understand nuance because music makes your emotional perception stronger was it sunny music keeps the ears young the audio cortex doesn't deteriorate as rapidly in older musicians who are musicians if you're freaking out all the time because of stress and anxiety music and playing it is the natural anti anxiety relaxation method because it reduces blood pressure it reduces the heart rate and it lowers that bad nasty stress hormone cortisol nail-biters rejoice yes it is true you are very very encouraged in fact I would force you if you were my student to have short fingernails to play the piano because long nails clicking on the keys basically it just sounds like nails on a chalkboard it is bad it if your nails are really really long you can't you know have a proper hand position see if that played piano like this like you're grossed out by the keys some instruments are just Pleasant they're melodic they're pleasing to the ears they flow and obviously piano is one of these instruments so just think about your granny okay so you're like hey granny check this out I can play piano and then you play piano and she's like mint that is so awesome good job and if you were like let's change the situation a little bit if you were like hey granny look at me hit these drum like things she'd be like so piano is superior let us make granny's all over the world happy as a piano player you don't need a full band to sound good piano is one of those rare instruments that can pull off both harmony and melody simultaneously let's see it didgeridoo do that pianos are just straight-up classy furniture so you could have like the ugliest room throw a piano in it and suddenly it's like a thousand times more awesome and people will be talking about how classy you are piano is gentle and loving – fingertips not like some instruments which create calluses on your fingers cough cough wheeze guitar cough remember how back in the day pseudo coot was like all the rage it was super hot stuff because it was supposed to be really good for your brain like brain broccoli and Pia no or any instrument really learning it is like better brain broccoli it's like brain broccoli with kale and pomegranates and maca and blueberries learning an instrument requires patience and discipline you are not going to become an overnight piano hero you're like wait wait why is that a good thing I want to become an overnight piano hero I will tell you why it's a good thing because it builds patience and discipline which as Calvin's dad will always tell us builds character which by the way is super rewarding it is a great antidote to instant gratification trust me on this one learning music makes her brain better at language whether it's you know building your own fancy-pants vocabulary which I clearly haven't done but I could if I wanted to or learning a new language like an entirely new language music will help learning an instrument will give you a ton of confidence for being awesome at something even if you're learning other people's music and you're not writing your own music it's still a creative activity because it requires creative thinking creative problem-solving he requires you now creative insight so basically what I'm saying is that playing piano no matter what you're doing is creative activity playing the keyboard increases human growth hormone which is great if you want to age in style and have like fewer aches or pains and less wrinkles and all that good stuff you will as a piano player also gain exp stats and points in other areas of your life as well such as your ability to stay alert and focused and you know your planning skills and last but not least probably the most important xx most definite reason that you should learn how to play piano is it's fun .
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