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maybe it's innate perhaps society pushes USA to try to to it perhaps it is a mixture of each for no matter reason it looks like we have a tendency to area unit invariably in such a rush needing ensuing issue wanting a lot of and wanting it quick we'd like to try to to issues we'd like to urge places and once we have a tendency to get there we'd like to require a lot of what is next we have a tendency to incessantly raise ourselves eachthing {is always|is USAually|is often} in commission for ensuing issue we have a tendency to exist in a very society that's virtually entirely propaedeutic for the longer term maybe|and perhaps} that's a part of the matter that we have a tendency to area unit told that what we have a tendency to do without delay is for what {we will|we'll|we area unit aiming to} be doing next beginning as a young kid preschool is for faculty|grade school|grammar school|primary school|school} grade school is for top school highschool is for faculty every step of the manner cannot|we will not|we won't} wait till we have a tendency to get to be hugeger|the larger} child within the next grade then if we elect to attend we have a tendency to get to varsity and schools for our career then in our career every level is for ensuing level we won't wait till we have a tendency to work our far and {find} that massive promotion or notice the proper position we won't wait till we have a tendency to matter a bit bit a lot of in a very company or a bit bit a lot of victorious in our own and suddenly sometime a few years down the road our head bangs against the ceiling we have a tendency to've created it as so much as we have a tendency to might go we have a tendency to're exhausted {and we have a tendency to|and that we have a tendency to} can't wait till we are able to simply place it all away and retire shortly once may|we'd |we would} notice ourselves retired we'd  replicate back and surprise to ourselves what was all that all told of our want for ensuing it looks like we frequently neglect to ever stop and believe what it's all for what it's all going to wors hopefully we are going to notice some pride enjoyment and sense of purpose during this moment of our retirement evoked reflection however if we have a tendency to weren't careful {and we have a tendency to|and that we} lived our life jointly massive sprint perpetually unhappy and chasing ensuing thing we'd  find discomfort and regret during this moment a profound realization that each one of the items we could not anticipate all of the items we were dashing to walls ne'er actually came during this moment we are going to be wanting back at our life with atiny low slice of the pie left quickly turning stale and that we might surprise why we ne'er enjoyed the remainder of it whereas it had been still recent however did we miss it we'd  surprise however did we would like it all away to finish over here to those that have most of the pie still left it does not need to return to the current purpose so as to understand this or to a minimum of think about the thought progression is nice making an attempt new things evolving and dealing towards new goals are all nice however once it gets to the purpose wherever it prevents us from ever having the ability to understand that this moment without delay is additionally nice perhaps you've got gone too so much this moment is meaning it's an attractive and profound accomplishment in it of itself and it's price appreciating as a result of you do not get one big full pie at the top of life you eat it right along the manner
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