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Look at me do I look attractive these glasses on me might make me look smart but my quadratic body is weird compared to other people you see on this blog anyways who cares about that I am just an animation and my body can be changed easily but not yours oh you think it's not important to look attractive trust me it is let me introduce you to something called the help effect sorry that's the joke I mean the hello effect it has nothing to do with how it's basically a psychological bias that says look people will judge you based on how you look if you look at traffic and beautiful people automatically will assume that your also smile successful person no matter if that's true or not and the opposite of course if you're damn successful person but you don't look like one people assume that you are not I know that's unfair but that's how the world works I even came across some studies that suggest attractive people are more likely to get a better job even a higher salary I know what you are trying to say even if I agree with you it will not change anything I didn't choose my face I understand that not everyone looks attractive especially when you have a quadratic body like me I am NOT suggesting anyone to make any surgeries but you can head to the gym and build up that body to see more attractive I can guarantee you that people start treating you differently because now you are giving a completely different perception about yourself but I look more attractive like this building up your body will take time but what you can do immediately is to change your appearance like your clothes for example your hairstyle and many other things yes they do play a big role but physical appearance is not enough because if you look at tractive but once people talk to you and you seem to be an asshole trust me they will not find you attractive anymore so don't do the mistake of telling people about your negative side the bad things that you have done in the past or the bad habits
that you have you are probably the only person who knows that and if you keep them within yourself no one else will know the last thing know the more assumptions they make about you based on how you look and what you say look at politicians when they campaign for the office they talk as if they are angels sent by God Himself to save the country when in reality most of them don't really care about religion or God but they know that's what people admire and respect and short when you talk to people try to agree with them as much as possible don't talk about your negative sides and most importantly don't insult
them I guess it's obvious why and that's how you attract and you want let me know who you want to attract.
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