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Full name is stephane Legba , the product line take on the tie con is the first fully electric car from porsche and it’s therefore aiming to reach the porsche goals we didn’t focus too much on competition we focus basically on ourselves on our internal targets we needed to make sure that the tie con comes as close as possible to our icon the 911 when it comes for example to trying dynamics.

Well obviously the car is as you said a 4-door sit down and it’s not a two-door car and real sports car like the 911 the car comes very close to the 911 for example if you go for the steering the direct steering the dynamics the lateral dynamics of the whole car you do have to all the chassis systems that the 911 has for example like a rear axle steering so we basically wanted to make sure that the first fully electric Porsche that icon and there’s a real Porsche is a true Porsche in all by all means driving dynamics quality design and so on.

We have as you said a strong gasoline gasoline background but we as you know we’ve been working for like more than ten years on the electrification of the drivetrain so we have tallien plug-in hybrid we’ve got the Panamera plug-in hybrid we showed with the 918 Spyder or a super sports car what electrification in in that segment means so that icon is basically the next logical step in our product strategy coming from pure combustion cars going over plug-in hybrid cars coming to an all-electric car like the Python and talking about the biggest challenge it was what we call transferring the sole of our cars into the electric world making sure that the tie con is a true Porsche this was in terms of the overall concept the biggest thing in terms.

Driving dynamics we set them for example that our primary goal is that the car has to offer portion typical driving dynamics performance especially repeatable performance so the car can do this acceleration runs 0 to 100 0 to 2 200 many many times in a row on a stable level this was one key issue for us making sure that Porsche typical performance is available on and on and on on a constant level.

Would be we will definitely stick to our product strategy offering three different tellers we have pure combustion cars like gt2 gt3 RS which we are going to offer in the future as well we’ve got our plug-in hybrid cars which we are going to extend in the future as well and then we definitely are going to work on the eb cars as well so as you know there is going to be a under model another derivative of the trike on following only little bit later next year that.

This would be number one and after that and we already said and that the next generation of thermicon is going to be electric all electric only.

Well it’s not a really a different Porsche earlier we try to follow our product strategy electrifying the traffic train and just going the next step so things will change we will have more and more electrified cars in our portfolio but we will still stick with offering pure very emotional IC e cars with natural flat-six for example and a manual gearshift.

It would be great if the people would remember the Taikan being the first fully electric true portion that was our goal and that’s what we’re looking forward to.

The top ten music videos centered completely on the cars first up is okay go who for their 2012 song meeting getting got Chevrolet display sponsor and on a Masonic sedan and which to drive into hundreds of bells pianos electric guitars percussion instruments and more director Spike Jonze use Otis to pit hip-hop stars jay-z and Kanye West against a 2004 maybach 57 with a sawzall and a blowtorch the actual chopping was performed by pros who later sold the car as modern art.

Next we have stylo for this 2011 hit virtual band Gorillaz tap some real human star power getting a vengeful Bruce Willis in a 1960 El Camino to pursue the CGI animated troupe driving in 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Whitesnake’s 1987 chart-topper here saw actress Tawny Kitaen cartwheel and frolic on the hood of a pair of Jaguars one owned by singer David Coverdale and the other by the video’s director our fifth pick is Diane young the music video actually led to indie rockers Vampire Weekend taking some heat for torching a pair of vintage Saab 900s mostly because they didn’t tell the people they bought them from that they’d be used for a good old fashioned car fire as the song is called save that money and it’s all about saving money as opposed to spending it I’d be like if one of these maclaren’s for like 15 minutes the Lamborghini used in the satirical save debt money didn’t cost artist David little dicky-bird a dime in fact you see him in the video stopping by a luxury car dealer and convincing the manager to lend him the Aventador at number 7 it’s show me how to live the video features clips from the movie vanishing point mixed in with some original scenes of the band thrashing around in a copy of the film’s 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Next up is Steve mcqueen which features Sheryl Crow or her stunt double riding a motorcycle the Great Escape style evading Dale Earnhardt jr. In a Bullitt Mustang and driving a whole bunch of other great classics.

Number nine is gimme all your lovin but the red 1933 Ford coupe hot rod Eliminator was featured in a number of ZZ Top’s hit videos including sharp-dressed man and legs and finally mi a’s bad girls manages to entertain us with incredible car stunts in solid tune age while simultaneously promoting the women can drive movement in Saudi Arabia thanks for watching if you have any ideas for future roundups let us know in the comments.

The term "Beautiful Mind" reminds me of Russell Crowe film "A Beautiful Mind" which talks about the life story of the mathematician (John Nash), who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 1994 and died in 2015, John Nash who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It causes him to see non-existent personalities and deal with them as if they were real, which affects the course of his life and stops his educational and scientific career for a long time because of illness and the effects of treatment that did not find him benefit, until he decides to deal with those personalities who live in his mind and indeed can coexist with its existence inside him Without affecting his life ... this mind, which contained many contradictions, was able to achieve On science and creativity it is overwhelmed by a lot of patience and effort ...


Our minds are a large container that the wheat and flesh enter into, and they contain useful and insignificant, serious and cynical ... joyful, sad and many ideas that cannot be counted and absorbed over the course of his life ... In fact, this mind that distinguishes a person from other living beings is the most important of what he possesses, and preserving it from the most sacred duties that he has to He spends his life doing it, not letting things go arbitrarily without looking after him properly and keeping him clean and beautiful ... and this can be very difficult in an age when righteousness is totally incomprehensible, and has very relative measures that may differ completely from person to person ... Nevertheless, there are basic things that can be assessed M out to serve this mind who works with you since your birth until you die, and thank him through take care of it and keep it in order to continue and is working at full energies to the end ...


the perfect mind in healthy body

An old saying that has long been mentioned in all forums, conferences, meetings, lessons and lectures, and it incites to take care of the body food that affects the mind in a direct way ... and it is true despite our boredom ... So overeating and bad food is what makes thinking a difficult and slow process, because the body in this case It spends all of its energy in digesting foods that need energy to disassemble and store them, which gives the body a little energy in return, such as fats and sugars ... I am not a supporter of becoming a vegetarian or stopping eating a certain type of food, but in return, moderation and giving the body what it needs without increasing is what It keeps the mindful And the active and able to carry out its tasks excellently ...

Food for the mind

Just as you take care of your body and the food you provide it in order to grow and stay healthy, it is your duty to take care of what your mind nourishes in terms of ideas, culture and information and pick the best from them ...

- media

It can be said that 95% of the media presents ridiculous, illogical, and highly harmful things to the mind, and the rest of the percentage can be traced back to channels such as: National Geographic and Documentary Island, if I thought about following something on TV, I would insert it from an ear and remove it from the second ear ... and make those silly programs ... An opportunity to sit with your family ...


The internet and social media also carry a lot of ridiculous and ridiculous talk, superficiality and incitement to sectarianism ... and some important and beneficial things ... try not to get carried away with the first trend because it is really strong, and sometimes it cannot be resisted ...

- Books and novels

Recently, a pipe has exploded in the Arab world, and everything is inundated, and new books and novels are issued every year in large numbers. Even a bookworm cannot have the time and the psychological and mental field to read all of this, except for old books and novels that the reader hears about everywhere, and he is in great confusion. And in his paper or electronic library he piles a large number of books that he wants to read and buy others, and he has not read the first yet and the vortex continues until infinity ...

Here you must say to yourself, stop, and control a little the craving for buying and downloading books, I know that it is not easy, but with some training, it can go well ... Do not buy new books as long as you have books that you have not read yet ... This matter can be overcome in the period of the book fair ... Buy the books that you know you will read and not the ones you want to read, as long as the topic is not in the area of ​​your interests, stay away from it ... The novels are confusing because everyone has a different point of view in the novels so take your time and wait before buying the novel, and if you had to read Half of them while you are standing at the library ... Do not rely on the word bestselling, it is A trap that many fell before you ...

- songs and music

As is the case in books and novels, the songs spread at this time are of no use, except that they descend with general taste slowly downward, and at first they may denounce and denounce a song that it sees as obscene, its rude taste and its music harmful to the ear, but little by little and because we often follow the general taste, unfortunately, The media contributes to beautifying the ugly, it becomes acceptable after a while, and perhaps later, she loves her and composes her hearing and asks to hear it! ...

Do not allow yourself to hear anything that is not related to sophistication. Modern folk songs that express only a simple layer of culture that is flawed are called folk. Pick what you hear. Music listens to souls and hearts before minds ...

never stop learning

“The dead person is the one who stopped learning and gaining experiences ... That is why you see that we are surrounded by the dead dead all the time.” Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq

Until the last moment of your life, keep learning ... new languages, manual skills, science that you do not know ... do not stop at a certain point in your profession but continue to develop and learn about everything new in it, the machine that stops working rusts over time, and your mind as well if not Make him move and work, he will eventually get rust, and he will not be able to do the simplest tasks ...

With the great openness that took place after the Internet revolution, learning has become easier than you can imagine, educational platforms, virtual universities and educational channels on YouTube on all topics ... you only have to search and learn ...

Take care of your soul

Your soul is an important part of you ... It is perhaps the most important part of it ... It is what makes you who you are and determines your features and nature ... It is your fingerprint in life and what makes others approach you or move away from you and alienate you ...

Give her time each day through prayer ... meditation ... watching the universe and the splendor of creation in nature ... sitting with yourself and getting away from the world and its noise ... which makes the mind more able to think in an effective and effective way ...

I do not know the trust that God has given us is more important than this mind that everyone holds, which many people intend to put on the shelf and leave dust and dust accumulating on it, and they follow others in every matter, small or large, without bothering to think of anything ... I think It is time to take it off the shelf, dust it, clean it and restart it again.

Recently, the number of social media celebrities has been growing, much larger than our ability to follow, watch and monitor. “I have closed my door so that I don’t collide with them, open the window, enter ten of them, open the water tap, five of them will enter for you .” When you open your Facebook page, you may find that your friends have become

Youtubers, and before you know it, you need an appointment to meet or speak with them.

As a follower, it can be difficult to prevent yourself from following these celebrities, especially Youtubers, because you often benefit from them. This may be for information, entertainment or inspiration about writing an article as I am doing now. But we often, with continuous follow-up to

them, fall into a number of logical fallacies or errors in thinking, which prevent us from obtaining these benefits, even if they are simple. These errors are caused by both the Youtubers themselves, and those who appear continuously on social media.

Since this article is for followers and not the celebrities themselves, (as they do not have time to read my article) I will tell you about some logical fallacies that you may fall for. This will help you to avoid falling into the trap that many fall into.

1.Circulating experiences

This fallacy, we often fall into as followers of celebrities, whether on social media or TV and cinema. We assume that these celebrities, who for example, share their evaluation of mobile phones or technology as entrepreneurship opportunities, are professionals, and we often ask them professional questions outside the field of their channel. This can also happen with those who provide advice in social, family and marital

relations or perhaps see as a religious guide. Few celebrities are able to get rid of the cloak of fame, wear the clothing of humility and admit that they do not know in times where they do not have the answers.

2.Confusing the link with the reason

Neither marriage, nor divorce, nor other details of social life have anything to do with the success of any person unless this person’s social life is a source of great psychological pressure. This does not mean that separation or forming new relationships in any way will make this person more successful and famous. This is because success is related to the person themself and their ability to get rid of psychological burdens and create balance between all parts of their life. Here is the error of a large percentage of the celebrities themselves. If they are a professional guide, for example, an entrepreneur, or even a social consultant, this does not mean that they share all the details of their social lives on the social media in front of the followers. It is also not necessary for them to announce their affiliations or separation with others. Separations can be difficult for social media celebrities because even if it is best for them to separate, it often makes one of the parties look bad in the eyes of their followers.

3.The person who…..

This fallacy applies to my example of the previous successful person , who provides some information, and wins millions. This often happens to those who are uneducated and do not hold a university degree. This often affects those with the same degree by taking away from the value of their education. This happens both by the spread of false information and the idea that this particular degree is useless.


Supporting new celebrities, and taking away support from others is a common occurrence on social media. This happens often with both celebrities and their followers. Sometimes followers wrongly support celebrities when they follow them without any background information as to who they are or what they support.

5.Appealing to popularity ... power ... the new ... the old ... the origin ...

All of these attributes can make followers defend celebrities completely


Popularity: if someone has millions of followers on YouTube, popularity will defend them.

Authority: Someone who has some power over the masses, which may be mental or religious.

New: Those who use the latest studies and ideas, so they are right.

Old: Some people tell us about authentic heritage and traditions, so we believe they must know more than us.

Origin: This person uses words from scholars and books of religion, so their words are correct, or vice versa, so-and-so. It is a common belief that university studies cannot be wrong, although science itself changes constantly, and what we can learn today may be completely disproven tomorrow!



This is the opposite of what the generalists do, they pick apart

someone's words to make everything they say wrong or

incomprehensible. This is a common technique used to harm another person, especially on social media.

7.Siding support

This idea is represented by a common scenario:

‘I do not mean to attack so-and-so, but they do not agree with my opinions and ideas, so I support everything that is against them. I am judging without listening to both parties or considering any reasons.

8. Circular argument

This is the use of a conclusion reached from real data, which can lead followers to believe that the celebrity is right and everything they say is true because one of their beliefs have been correct.

Finally ..

The wars on social media have become an everyday matter, you wake up in the morning to find that a lifetime of people are attacking Zaid and his followers. Everyone who supports the party being attacked is following it without thinking while it falls. With all the errors mentioned in the article and perhaps more, what is the result? Nothing, the war ends and the trend turns off. Every Youtuber returns to his home with thousands of new followers and a lot of profit. With increased fame, also

came pride and arrogance. For you as a follower, what is the benefit to you from this war?

In such a case, the wise follower hears the sides of both parties, and then builds his judgment based on what he has hear., This may not be a

valid judgment, but it is based on the beliefs of the followers, without blind bias. I respect the celebrity who is attacked and receives increasing hate and still does not respond. This is because the response will generate another response, and an attempt at justification shows that they have a need to defend themselves. Even if this is not the case, I believe the wisdom of silence is precious.